What you can do, or dream you can begin it.
Courage has genius, power and magic in it;
Only engage, and then the mind grows heated.
...begin it and the work will be completed

Elijah Dixon was born in Brooklyn, New York, as the 6th of 9 children. Due to his mother’s love for music and to keep her clan in the field of music, she gave them instruments and turned her family to a band. Elijah would listen to his mother sing, while they played and decided at an early age that he was going to take singing as his profession.

He says he can hardly remember a time when there was no music playing in the house. He grew up listening to the likes of Stevie WonderDonny Hathaway,the Chilites, Bob MarleyPeter ToshSteel Pulse, just to name a few. At the age of 10, his family moved to Jamaica, where he continued his upbringing in a small district in the hills of St. Ann. At times he would run bare footed, catching fish and fetching water. He also loves the natural habitat of the land, where there was always melodious sounds from the water, the wind and the chirping birds. In these natural sounds, which brought sweet melodies to his ears, Elijah composes his music psychologically.

Elijah love to sing and would sing at any chance he got. In doing so he developed his own style and sound, which he refuses to be put into any one’s category, because of its natural mysticism. He began singing at hotels, outings, weddings, wherever he could and in his teenage years got together with some friends, a group of young men, in search of the same dream and formed a group, Access. Later along with another member of Access, he formed Two Souls. Working out of UB40’s studio in Oracabessa, St. Mary they released two great songs, “Freedom” and “Kumbaya.”

Elijah was invited to join the Black Male Band rom Kingston and in doing so got a chance to sing at the 2006 Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival and also preformed a show at Heroes Park with the great Dean Frazer. After singing at the park, he got a call from the leader of Live Wyya band to be their lead vocalist. While with Live Wyya he toured the U.S., Europe & Japan. Elijah has had the honor to share the stage with famous great stars such as Gregory IssacsMarcia GriffinsSanchez, Buju Bonton, Lee Scratch Perry, and Sly & Robbie, just to name a few. Because he always had a song in his heart and mind, he felt the need to pay respect and homage to his mother for her love of song, which gave him his passion.

He wrote and sang lead a very soulful and inspirational song that shows the mastery of his artistry entitled “Masterpiece.”Now as a solo artist, armed with a unique yet interesting vocal style and such an impeccable and rich range, Elijah is poised for greatness. He is now working under his own label, TriumphantRootz, with his unique and universal sound of freedom, love, honor and respect. He will be taking the world by storm with his present singles, We Must Go On” and Guess You Didn’t Know” … listen to it here on youtube: